Pianotreff 2019


Pianotreff is part of our Nordic collaboration since 1996. Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark will host annually our Nordic friends except every fourth year when the Europiano conference will take place. The convention is open for everyone around the world who takes interest in our profession.

The convention will be the 19th this year and it is located in Finland for the fourth time. You can find more information about  NPTA here.


The Nordisk Pianotreff in Turku was succesfull. Thank you all new and old friends for showing up. A total of 81 people from 10 different countries eventually came to Turku making this convention possible. See you again at Nordisk Pianotreff Denmark 2020! While waiting,  please enjoy some photos:

Some happy technicians
Dinner at s/s Bore
Free beer! Courtesy of F-Musiikki Oy ! Super big thanks to our server Joona. Maybe we can borrow him to next convention 😉
I think we are talking about the budget here
Thank you for tuning
Our comfy hotel. You can actually rent a cabin for a year-round use very affordable. The guitarist of W.A.S.P  lives like this in this very hotel. This accommodation did the job, didn’t sink, but we feel sorry for all the tall persons
Thank you for all the lecturers for keeping us focused
Allways take a picture if you see some Finns smiling
This picture is after cleaning the place in Saturday. We needed to drink the remains of the beer very quickly so there would be less load to carry
No one is sleeping
Testing hybrids
Widescreen shot. Thank you Simon 🙂
Fellows from F-Musiikki enjoying  the beer garden of restaurant Görän

The other guys are only holding the doors for Mr.Sauli. Thank you for your services, I hope you found the free beer as agreed part of the deal

Finishing the Pianotreff. Organizing team says thank you and good luck Denmark for next year. See you soon!


Thank you Andreas Harke for the lecture and the exhibition. Have a nice holiday in Finland


Thank you Shinya Matsumoto and Jens Lentzer for the lecture and the workshop. Mr.Lentzer, next time you come to Finland, we’ll arrange a presidential suite for you especially !


Thank you for the lecture of the motion of piano strings


Thank you Morten Juhl-Sørensen and Miska Männikkö for the Steinway Quiz. I can’t remember which team won eventually, but I’m pretty sure it was Denmark. Tillykke!


Thank you Tony Vedsmand and Rune Danielsen for your exhibition and many many tools you brought


Thank you Simon Rempe for the lecture and workshop. Nice too see some new patents in the market


Thank you Jyrki, Kirsi and of course Andrew Novosky who came all the way from Canada to tell us about piano technician’s ergonomics. You really eased the tension


Thank you for the interesting lecture of the possibilities and future of piano


Thank you Ferdinand Bräu for the interesting lecture and showing the new Bösendorfer 280 Vienna Concert.  It’s very interesting to see how the instrument is desinged. Also big thanks to our concert pianist Lacri Galagan. This is the toughest crowd  for a pianist I can imagine. You did great!


Thank you Jouni Nyström for showing the humitidy data logger. We are sure to find many possibilities to use logger in our profession. We have only a picture of your table, but maybe we get better one later


Thank you Matthias Stöckle for telling about Renner Academy and many good questions that you asked from other lecturers. It was great that you could come within short notice